Issue TV is a non-profit media company that creates educational programming and media development projects for social and environmental justice. In short, they give voice to causes that need attention.

I worked with Issue TV founders Sophie Rousmaniere and Jay Minton to conceptualize, design and build a WordPress site to showcase their activist films and generate donations. Once their site was built, I worked with them to ensure that they had full editing capabilities and were empowered to continue adding content to their site as needed. This website was built to interface with their MailChimp email campaigns and YouTube channel, and was completed from start to finish in less than one month. Sophie and Jay continue to use and love this website for their wonderful causes.

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Other websites I’ve recently worked on:


Services offered for website design & development include:

  • Front-end design
  • Back-end development
  • Conceptualization, strategy, positioning & branding
  • Content generation
  • Project management
  • Editing & updating existing sites
  • Training to ensure clients are comfortable using their site’s content management system